Order of St. John 1909, Knight of honour
(Johanniter Orde Nederland, Ereridder)
First date issued / (code) 1909 / (JO4)
Amount issued


Value category Rare

The Order of St John (Johanniter Orde) in The Netherlands is a Dutch Protestant chivalric order and counterpart of the sovereign military order of Malta. She was in her current form founded by Queen Wilhelmina in 1946 as a successor of the order founded in 1909 by its Commenderij of the Bailiwick Brandenburg of The Order of St John. This was the first under the name Chivalric order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem (founded in Jerusalem in 1023/1048 to the Hospital of St. John that the beginning of the order marks), but the order got its current name in 1958. Membership of the Johanniter order is reserved for members of the Protestant nobility in Netherlands. The order has its own activities, but works in some cases together with the Red Cross and the Dutch branch of the Roman Catholic order of Malta. The insignia of the order, be to the Dutch character of membership, awards, and they are also on Dutch military uniforms worn.

The (legal) Knights carry the Johanniterkruis in gold, with white enamel, to a plain black ribbon around the neck. Johanniter Knights wear the right cross in gold, with white enamel with a golden Royal Crown as increase, on the same Ribbon. In addition, a white enameled gold Johanniterkruis is worn on the left chest. Until 1945 between the arms of the Johanniter cross black enamelled Eagles were attached. Since 1946 these are gold-coloured Dutch Lions..